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New piece!

The second major piece I have completed this year. Based on Spring and its symbolic relationship with renewal and rebirth.


~ Rebirth ~

Watercolour & Pen

500 x 700mm

Death is inevitable but it is not the end, for each action, great or
small, has an impact which ripples in the world for eternity; it will
never again be the same. Death is but another transformation, one as old
and inexorable as life itself. Where the body and mind fade and
separate from one another, new life emerges, springing from the ashes of
the old. Each and every part is reformed and reused in a constant cycle
of death and rebirth.

This piece began and was heavily influenced by the spring season, in
which the experience of regeneration and renewal is most apparent. The
Green Man awakens from long slumber and begins his eternal march once
again; bluebells blaze into life, carpeting the ground in greens and
purpley-blues; lambs and bunnies dance energetically in the fields. The
morning light peaks over the crest of the hills and bathes the world in
warm light as spirits, flanked by their ancestors, step forward to into
the world again, reborn into yet another form. The endless cycle of
transformation beings anew.

This piece is dedicated to my grandmothers, each of whom played a massive part in making me the person I am today.