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New piece 2023!

I’ve been working on this piece (very) on-and-off in my spare time, but it’s finally come together!

29reason scan edit

~ Reason ~

Watercolour & Pen

500 x 700mm

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. – Kant

This piece focuses around the concept of reason, a shining beacon that has raised humanity to great heights. A potential energy for humanity to rally around and collectively exist in an enlightened states of being,
building a better future for all.

Thinkers from ancient times, Socrates, the Buddha and Confucious whose discord transcended time, their thoughts permeating through generations of people, constantly improved and added to. Influential leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi , Millicent Fawcett and Martin Luther King Jr, who through protest movements and collective unity amplified their voices and created positive change, as they bravely led people through oppression and towards emancipation.

However, this force is one continuously offset by maniacal and greedy whose interests stand against the many. Brothers and sisters set against one another by ever-escalating squabbles, descending into frenzied beings that forget their love towards fellow humans, replaced instead with burning hatred. All the while, lurking in the in the darkness, the true monsters lie..  

We can never forget what can be gained through reason. It has the
potential to defeat any enemy and through unity and compassion, anything can be achieved.