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Going Up!


Satin Paper Editions

  • Satin paper editions are printed on 300gsm paper with a satin finish.

Giclee Canvas Editions

  • Canvas prints are printed using archival ink. They are hand-stretched and mounted onto quality wooden frames. Canvas editions are finished with a gloss varnish layer.


Delivery is charged at a single, flat rate. Additional items are not charged postage.

For availability and pricing of other sizes, please contact me.

Free Shipping within the UK for orders over £100.

Paper editions ship within 3 days. Canvas editions ship within 2 weeks.

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An ancient, nobbled staircase, leads up towards the one stood at the top, dressed in robes. Ancient symbols mark each stone step, carved out by the countless beings that have gone before, to be worn down by the countless that will come after. Palms are sweaty and heart is pounding, the decision has already been made, fate already accepted.

Ancient mantras resonate in the distance and grow with intensity. Like sitting aboard a train as it pulls away from the station and begins to pick up speed. Day fades to night, as waves of warm emotion begin to rise, flooding into every single part of your system. The outside world begins to blur as objects merge into one another, with their bright colours, as you continue climbing. Time distorts and with each blink a new story unfolds, like the kaleidoscopic flowers all around. Trees meld into one another, dancing before the luminescent sunset glow, clouds steam in in a great swirling mass. You reach the top and stand upon the cusp. The old man considers and then embraces you, as an old friend, one you have known your whole life. He wishes you on your way and with a click of both fingers you jump into the patterned abyss.

This piece is a recreation of a loose sketch I drew on one of my first psychedelic experiences. It is about coming up.







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