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Levitating Sacred Dimensions


Satin Paper Editions

  • Satin paper editions are printed on 300gsm paper with a satin finish.

Giclee Canvas Editions

  • Canvas prints are printed using archival ink. They are hand-stretched and mounted onto quality wooden frames. Canvas editions are finished with a gloss varnish layer.


Delivery is charged at a single, flat rate. Additional items are not charged postage.

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Free Shipping within the UK for orders over £100.

Paper editions ship within 3 days. Canvas editions ship within 2 weeks.

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Firey light rays burst from three eyes, blasting through from this plane, into the next. Notions of reality are erased from existence as objects begins to bend and flow. Mosaic tiles flow forth in a web of patterns, coating the walls and ceiling. Flowing paisley material animates and take on mechanical forms. Shifting clouds swirl silently across the sky as trees animate and dance without breeze.

Time and space are reconfigured, as infinite doorways open and pathways are revealed, explored at once, simultaneously, before and then after. Like dejavu, but from within, innate; a rollercoaster of colour and emotion. The warm, blazing sunlight ebbs into cool glistening moonlight. Is it hot or cold or neither or both?

This is a personal piece about one of my favourite states, the discovery of which had and continues to have a profound impact in my life. Like dejavu, but from within. How could things possibly remain the same?


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